OVER & OUT and what it's about (2019)

Over & Out is about the controversial times we live in, with observations and passing sarcasms touching on topics such as the internet, social media and what comes with it. The overflow of information and endless opportunities influence our way of thinking and our actions in our daily lives while constantly opening up new situations and unpredictable changes we have to deal with. 


Things are moving so fast nowadays, that it’s hard to keep up and in order to move with the times we have to be able to change and mould with new situations. As safe as we feel in one moment the next can catapult us out of our bubble and into the opposite extreme with uncalculated outcomes. As depicted on the Vinyl Cover -  however advanced we are, one can easily make a wrong turn to crash and burn. PfP have visually summed up these modern day issues with a humorous and playful flip side as represented in our two new clips (Catapult and Shit Storm City). 


The clip for CATAPULT" shows Rhys playing the part of a crazed social media addict who’s spiraling out of control. Meike warrants the „Men In Black“ to bring him in for brain surgery to get things back on track.


"SHIT STORM CITY" is about how people can suddenly end up in situations and on paths they never really chose. The main character fails at every day life and finds himself wandering through the middle of nowhere, looking to make sense of the situation.