G'day guys, we spontaneously decided to put out a couple of tunes for yas. An EP called CRACKIN SHELLS. At the moment it's only available as a Download on Bandcamp. We'll be pressing a limited run of Vinyl when we can start touring again. Grab it here & Enjoy: 




For Vinyl, Shirts, CDs, Guitar picks come visit our shop: www.powderforpigeons.com/shop/ 

NEXT WEEK on SATUDAY 30th we'll be playing and STREAMING a live Set. CHECK IN HERE AT 8PM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcVntSNzT0x1Gonmh0tLWIg

ALRIGHTY! Our new ALBUM "Tectonic Crust" is out! It was recorded in both Germany and Australia which had a huge impact towards the end result. So go grab it now on a 12" Tectonic milk swirl Vinyl or download it on Bandcamp. Enjoy and big CHEERS and hopefully see you at one of our Shows!

CHECK OUT OUR  NEW SONG "ANOTHER DAY", a catchy tune with 12 String and Tambourine:

Shit Storm City! 

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