From the isolated, dusty outskirts of Western Australia to the bustling central metropolis of Germany – Australian male Singer/Guitarist Rhys Jones and German female Power drummer Meike Jones have struck upon a rare and special chemistry. Powder for Pigeons splices raw alternative styled rock laced with elements of Punk and Metal

flavoured riffs.


The Power Duo have also managed to roll all these genres into one to create a freshly cooked explosive in your face wall of rock. A sound and approach that is undeniably their own.

They have recently been on tour throughout Europe playing their own shows as well as opening for 
Clawfinger, Monster Magnet, Ugly Kid Joe, Sepultura, Fu Manchu and Clutch to name a few and have played various Festivals, big and small all over Europe in the last ten years.

Since 2013 they have toured extensively and earned themselves a reputation leaving their audiences in awe.

Ten years ago as fate would have it a magnetic pull brought Australian Singer/Guitarist Rhys and German power drummer Meike together from opposite ends of the earth. The two met by chance in Hamburg, Germany over a band contact web page where Rhys had left an ad searching for a drummer.



When Meike answered the advert a tryout was soon arranged. From the first session onwards it was evident there was a strong musical bond.


The five piece band started gigging until Meike was offered a drumming deal with a label which belonged to the legendary Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, Los Angeles.


Considering Rhys’s visa was running out and he could no longer stay in Germany, Meike ended up moving to sunny Los Angeles.


In the meantime Rhys moved back to the dust, heat and isolation of the wheat belt in Western Australia where he previously fronted a rock band which supported Deep Purple and Status Quo on their stadium tour as well as touring with well known Aussie bands like Airborne, Grinspoon, Spiderbait, Jet and many more.



With a sixteen hour time difference between the two, Meike would go about the day practicing her drum chops in the Studio that belongs to Californian punk band Pennywise located in Hermosa Beach.



On the other side of the world, after work hours driving a tractor on a farm in the sweltering heat, Rhys would write guitar/vocal demos at night and send them to Meike to lay drums down on Pennywise’s old 90s tour kit.



Being so many miles apart didn’t deter the two from writing their first album via Internet but played heavy on their hearts in the long run. One sunny LA day Meike on a whim booked a flight to Perth.



Finally back together Meike and Rhys immediately started putting the finishing touches on their recordings and planning their first tour in Europe. When the first offers rolled in a band name was needed and Powder for Pigeons was born.


Before relocating back to Germany using Hamburg as a home base, they took a detour on the way and went to Las Vegas to get married in style.


The honeymoon started five days later with their first tour in Germany/ Switzerland/ Estonia/ Latvia/ Poland and Netherlands.



Since then Powder For Pigeons have been touring heavily and working hard delivering their brand of two piece power rock to an ever growing fanbase all over Europe.


By having appeared on TV-Shows, TV- Live-Streams and Radioshows, also putting on around seventy Headline Club Shows per year.


The Power Duo have put in the hard yards, constantly working on their musicianship and live performance.



As extremes, random madness and unexpected situations were always part of their history, it had and still has a heavy impact on Powder for Pigeons music and performance.


For the past ten years the duo have fled the European winter and set up in Western Australia for three months to record a new album to take on tour the following year.


Since 2013 PFP have paid the bills and lived souly from the band and touring – Absolutely everything has been done DIY up until this point.




Rhys’s thick vocal melodies and down tuned style of playing guitar through three different amplifiers along with hisself made custom double output guitars holds all bass and guitar duties down.


Whilst Meike’s ability to create powerful drum rhythms that lock in tight with the fattest of riffs,

creating a distinctive wall of sound which cannot be mistaken for any other band.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Helmet, Rage Against The Machine, NIN, Primus, QOTSA, Faith no More to name a few, the Power Duo have earned themselves a reputation for putting on relentlessly energetic, sweaty and well crafted “Wall of Rock performances”.

Blasting their way into their 11th year Powder for Pigeons is more driven than ever to spank eardrums and melt faces with their raw and punishing live set, underlining their status as one of the most exciting acts around.